Ellie's Christmas 2012

2013 Fireworks

The Robot Song

The Big Cokananup

Robot Movie Easter Eggs

Thus Quacked Zarathustra

Battelle Darby Metro Sledding

Ellie The Giraffe Sings The ABCs

Old McDonald Had A Giraffe

Ellie Show December 2012

Goodnight Moon

Ellie's Landspeed Entry

Put A Ring On It

The Ellie Show (November 2012)


Can I Have That Part 3

Mommy and Ellie Build a Rocket Ship

The Rocking Version

Firefly Date

Sunny Days (For Kazoo)

The Ellie Show (October 2012)

First Trike Ride Around The Block

The Cooper Show (Pt II)

Oakwood Fall Festival 2012

The Ellie Show September 2012

Oktoberfest 2012

The Ellie Show August 2012

Columbus Zoo 8/18/2012

The Ellie Show July 2012

Pineapple Slicing

2012 Ohio State Fair


First Fireworks Show

Nunky Go Ona Seesaw

The Cooper Show

The Northtown Parade

Ellie Reads Brown Bear

Penny Head

Thank You, Dog!

Accidental Fetch

Goin' To The Zoo

Hi, Bee Bop!



The Ellie Show Episode 1

Danger Room

Ellie Opens Her Presents

Ellie's Second Film

Pigeon Roost Farm

The Elmo Card

Bye Kay Tooloo

Can I Have That? Part II

Can I Have That?


The Long Goodbye


The Door Slam Skit

Couch Runner

Instant Tunnel

Ellie "Reading"

Beyond Pookdome

Father Daughter Jam

Argument Game

Steak n Shake

Learning Drum

Frog Block


The Artist

At The Zoo

Sock Monkey Takedown

Pook Smash!

Pook's Directorial Debut

Flashy Ball

Catch My Butt!

Happy, Knows It

Adventure Pook

Spider Pook


Danger Woobie



Ball Popper


Opening Crawl

High Fives and Giggles

The Bed Romp

Green Beans

Ellie Busts A Snort